• June 20, 2019

LMN STMicroelectronics Operational Amplifiers – Op Amps Quad Low Power datasheet, inventory, & pricing. LM LM Unit. VCC. Supply voltage. ±16 or V. Vi. Input Voltage . often not as exhaustive as the datasheet, its goal is to illustrate the main parameters. Product Folder Links: LM LMA LM LMA LM LMA LM .. Updated document to new TI data sheet format – no specification changes.

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AC coupled non inverting amplifier Figure Low noise quadruple op-amps [26]. Low-noise JFET quad operational amplifier.

LMN Datasheet PDF, Motorola => Freescale Datasheet

Table 3 moved to Section 5: High speed differential comparator with strobes [27]. General purpose op-amp with external compensation [6].

Dual, high speed, programmable current mode amplifiers [37]. Retrieved 11 October Information in this document supersedes and replaces all information previously supplied. Specifi- cations mentioned in this publication are subject to change without notice.

List of LM-series integrated circuits

Digital temperature sensor and programmable thermostat. The di r ect ion of the i nput cur rent is out of t he IC.

Low power, wide supply range dual op-amps [16]. Added QFN16 package information in Chapter 5. Output AC short circuit to ground Overrating chip temperature Load dump voltage surge Fortuitous open ground. Three-terminal adjustable negative voltage regulators. Complementary power Darlington transistors.


It is due to the collector-base junction of the input PNP transistor becoming forward-biased and thereby acting as input diode clamp. General-purpose single bipolar timers.

Gain bandwidth product Figure 8.

Low voltage audio power amplifier [43]. Op-amp with an adjustable voltage reference [5]. Low noise quad operational amplifier.

Dual output resistor programmable thermostat with analog temperature sensor [84]. Power op-amp with a maximal current output of 3 amperes [21]. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. Input current Figure White LED power supply for large display backlight. Low-power quad voltage comparator Features Wide single supply voltage range or dual supplies for all devices: NPN transistors Applications Audio, general purpose switching and amplifier transistors Description The devices are manufactured in Planar technology with.

Vertical deflection booster for 2.

This current is essentially constant, independent of the state of the output so there is no change in the load on the input lines. High voltage fast-switching NPN power transistor. QFN16 3×3 mm package mechanical data pitch 0. NE SA – SE General-purpose single bipolar timers Features Low turn-off time Maximum operating frequency greater than khz Timing from microseconds to hours Operates in both astable and monostable. The following is a list of LM-series integrated circuits.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Quadruple wide supply range comparators [30].

Single supply Celsius temperature sensors The difference between the components is the voltage scale [85]. Push-pull four channel driver with diodes Features ma output current capability per channel 1.


D estr ucti ve di ssipat i on can r es ult f r om simul ta- neous short -cir cuit on al l ampli f iers. Secondary protection for DSL lines. Remember me on pm224n computer. STMicroelectronics NV and its subsidiaries ST reserve the right to make changes, corrections, modifications or improvements, to this document, and the products and services described herein at any time, without notice.

LMN datasheet, Pinout ,application circuits Low Power Quad Operational Amplifiers

General purpose quadruple op-amps [15]. Op Amp Applications Handbook. Low-power quad operational amplifier. Applications Constant voltage and constant current controller for battery chargers and adapters Description Datasheet – production data Features Constant voltage and constant current control Low voltage operation Low More information.

Low noise quad operational amplifier Datasheet production data Features Low voltage noise: This transistor action can cause the output voltages of the opamps to go to the V CC voltage level or to ground for a large overdrive for the time during which an input is driven negative. Differential voltages are the non-inverting input terminal with respect to the inverting input terminal.

Added thermal information for QFN16 package in Table 1 on page 3.