• June 20, 2019

LIBER PYRAMIDOS. The Building of the Pyramid. The Magus with Wand. On the Altar are incense, Fire, Bread, Wine, the Chain, the. Scourge, the Dagger . I’m bumping this thread and am going to digress for a moment from its orignial intent to ask a question of the forum about theory relating to Liber. Liber DCLXXI vel Pyramidos. The Probationer. His duties are laid down in Paper A, Class D. Being without, they are vague and general. He receives Liber LXI.

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For I am come with all this pain, To ask admission to the Shrine. And these are one. I know not who I am!

Liber DCLXXI vel Pyramidos

Rising in Sign Mulier: This last raises Candidate erect. Incense and Wine and Fire and Bread.

Now then that darkling wight is lifted by the officers and brought to the altar in the centre; and there the Hiereus accuses him of the two and dclxci Basenesses, while the Hegemom lifting up ljber chained arms cries again and again against his enemy that he is under the Shadow of the Eternal Wings of the Holy One. Stops in W, facing E. And these are among other considerations and correlatives which could be explored in an examination of Pyramidos in relation to its performance and in its relation to other class D publications.


Liber DCLXXI vel Pyramidos |

Before he can enter the Pyramid, therefore, four ordeals are required of him. The Passing of the Second Pylon.

This is Thy Name. Arrived at Pantheon, to breakfast on coffee and biroche libeer a peach. I know Thee and I pass Thee by. The Becoming Visible of Matter. Sebek is smitten by the thunder — The Light breaks forth from under!

He is slain by the sword at “death”. Let thy flood Cleanse me — lymph marrow and blood!

Is that a closer transliteration to the pronounciation? Note the position of weapons and elements, interchanging the Zodiacal and Terrestrial attributions. Thou shalt not let me die! In terms of performance, surely having more than one participant in Pyramidos during the Annointings adds some spice.

Behold my radiance Peace, ye things abhorred! John pp as follows:. Pause in silent contemplation. The Fourth Day 9. Who clutches at my throat? Let The Silence speech beget! Purge body, breast, and brain!


Helios seemed a good man but he did vanish.

Liber DCLXXI – vel Pyramidos

Draw the Hexagram with Wand. Gate into the Pyramid. I am as changeful and selfish as the Sea. I know Thee, Lady of Teen! The Lord hath descended from heaven with a shout and with the Voice of the Archangel, and the trump of God.