• June 20, 2019

LENTAGRAN 45 WP is a selective herbicide working by contact action in wettable powder with a herbicidal action of post emergence /transplant of alfalf. Production date / Batch number: see packaging. Lentagran┬« WP – wettable powder (WP) containing 45% w/w pyridate. DO NOT OPEN WATER SOLUBLE BAG. Lentagran 45 WP. Registration Number. P02 (A). Active Substance. Pyridate 45%. Authorisation Holder. Belchim Crop Protection Italia S.p.A.

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Close Essential information for the horticulture community.

EAMU update: Lentagran WP for outdoor leek crops

Fysiske og kemiske egenskaber 9. Devoid for outdoor horseradish and parsnip EAMU update: Makila SC for swede and turnip crops. Belchim Crop Protection Limited Use: What are horticulture business leaders expecting from ?

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EAMU update: Lentagran WP for outdoor leek crops | Horticulture Week

There may be some yellowing of the older leaves but this effect is no longer visible after 8 weeks and has no influence on yield or time of harvest. Signum for cabbage EAMU update: Bl a pinav bl. The latest wholesale and supermarket prices. In-depth analysis of latest sector and product developments. Fyzikln a chemick vlastnosti 9.


Controleaz buruienile dicotiledonate Rating: Take your 14 day free trial today. John Adlam’s weekly guide to keeping your crops protected Latest plant health research findings.

Lentagran 45 WP – Agius Agricultural

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Efect unic lenhagran contact. Karenca za sladko koruzo in oljno ogrico je zagotovljena s asom uporabe. Market Reports In-depth analysis of latest sector and product developments. Lentagran 45 wp pdf Register now to enjoy more articles and free email bulletins Sign up now Already registered?

Apply conventional hydraulic sprayers. What does Tesco’s sustainability drive mean for growers? Have you registered with us yet? Informace o zkladnch fyziklnch a chemickch vlastnostech Skupenstv: For full and up-to-date information, go to the Chemicals Regulation Directorate website: Koliina djelatne tvari u. The Horticulture Week Business Awards is now open for entries.

What will the Government’s new immigration system mean for growers?