• June 20, 2019

Levels of dissolved ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, phosphate and silicate, as well as chlorosity, dissolved oxygen and hydrogen sulphide in the water of Lake Mariut. Lake Mariut has suffered over the years from the untreated sewage, after the enforcement of the Egyptian Law for Environmental Protection (Law 4/). Egypt. J. Soil Sci. 56, No. 2, pp. (). W. Geo-spatial Variability Assessment of Water. Pollutants Concentration in Mariut Lake, Egypt.

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Algal tissues collected from southern site site 3 had the highest concentrations of V times when compared to other three sitesand times at sites 1,2 and 4, respectivelywhile it has the lowest concentrations of Cd, and Pb. The American University in Cairo Press. All chemicals used were of analytical reagent grade [ 4 ].

Lake Mariout

Most the produced hazardous waste sewage sludge, petroleum contaminated soil and concrete material has been incinerated and dumped in the lake.

Besides, huge quantities of solid waste, varieties of chemical fertilizers and residues of pesticidespetroleum products, launches, cargoes, boats, untreated sewage etc.

Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds British Victory ,ariut Egypt: The values of BOD of the collected samples were 5. The salt waters were kept separate from Lake Mariout by the canal that allowed fresh water to travel from the Nile to Alexandria.

Assessment of pollution levels in fish and water of main basin, Lake Mariut.

It is necessary to study the freshwater algal flora as part of the biological monitoring and using them as indicators of water quality [ 56 ]. A four part snail: As far back as egyt early s, it was documented that salt was being refined from the western part of the lake.


Cladophora herpestica abundantly growing on the surface of the Mariut Lake accumulates heavy metals from the aquatic environments. Archived from the original on 24 November We suggest composting, especially for sludge and algae as an alternative waste management scenario; especially the algal biomass is recommended on the basis of the analyzed and acceptable toxic metal content for compost processing.

A six point calibration procedure was applied with multi-element calibration solution Merck ICP multi-element standard solution IV [ 11 ]. It had no mouth connecting it to the Mediterranean, being fed with Nile water via a number of canals. Most of this water comes from reservoirs, rivers, streams and lakes; eyypt these sources are vulnerable to pollution [ 1 ]. Pol J Environ Stud It faded like most of those in Roman Egyptpossibly at the advent of Islam.

Physiochemical parameters of water quality at the selected sampling sites. Two bishops are historically documented:.

Most of the industries like textiles, pharmaceuticals, egpyt, paper mills and oil refineries are situated near the lake and discharge their effluents directly into it. These pollutants hinder the growth of aquatic organisms [ 7 ]. Pb content in both fish flesh and water samples has shown a great decrease compared to previous studies.

Lake Mariout – Wikipedia

Egypt During the Last Interglacial: Retrieved 24 November Algae are known to be good indicators of the extent of pollution in aquatic Ecosystems [ 34 ]. This high accumulative ability indicates that bioavailability of these metals mraiut this site; especially it has the lowest concentrations of thee metals in its water samples.


Turk J Bot Sampling of water and algae were carried out at four different sites throughout the period from July to Sept Water and algal samples were collected from four different sites throughout the period from July to Sept The water of the collected samples was mostly alkaline 7.

Although it is not a human or aquatic health concern; but it can serve as an indicator of other water quality parameters. The other two sites had intermediate concentrations. The name derives from Mareotis or Mareathe name of the lake in ancient times. Bagster and Sons, Table 3 shows the calculated bioaccumulation coefficients in order to compare heavy metal contents in the algal biomass at the different sampling sites [ 1314 ].

Tur J Fish Aqu Sci 3: Algae Cladophora herpestica were collected in plastic bags containing seawater and transported immediately to the laboratory for analysis [ 3 ].

When the British opened the lake to the sea in Napleon’s time lke caused a salt-water flood that destroyed villages. Therefore EC of water exceeded permissible levels.