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The story of Shirin and Khosrow is one of the most popular ancient stories in the middle east and the Islamic world, and a source of a great. “Khosrow and Shirin”, also spelled Khosrau and Shirn, Chosroes and Shirin, Husraw and Shireen and Khosru and Shirin, is the title of a. The Story of Shirin and Farhad and Khosrow Parviz is one of the sweet story in literature and culture of Iranians. There are different narrations of the tale.

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Unlike the Shahnamehwhich focuses on the history, kingship and battles of Khosrow, Nizami decided to focus on the romantic aspect of the story. On the way, he finds Shirin unclothed bathing and washing her flowing hair; Shirin also sees him; but since Khosrow was traveling in peasant clothes, they do not recognize one another.

In this atmosphere attempts were made to make out of Alexander not only a Muslim but a Persian as well”.

Khosrow and Shirin – Wikiwand

Part of a series on. This is a famous moment in Persian literature.

This is a famous moment in Persian literature. For more guidance, see Wikipedia: Shah ‘Abbas — the image of a ruler. Tales from the Khamseh of Nizami New York: Farhad begins his task hoping that Khosrow will allow him to marry Shirin. To log in and use all the features of Khan Academy, please enable JavaScript in your browser. The Battle of Kay Khusraw and Afrasiyab. It seems that he was always fascinated by the work of Firdawsi and made it a goal of his life to write an heroic epic of the same stature.

Of the stories recounted, the tale of the love shared between Shirin, a Lebanese princess, and Khusraw, a Sasanian prince, was most celebrated for its romantic appeal and poetic rendering.

There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Khusraw Beholding Shirin Bathin. His first wife Afaq died after it was completed. Miniature from Nizami Ganjavi’s Khosrov and Shirin Painting on canvas permitted greater flexibility in size and portability while loosening the physical connection of images to textual description.


Shirin, seeing that Khosrow is drunk, does not let him in the castle. Khusrau stand on either side of the canal built to supply Shirin with the milk of goats and cows, taken from the Khamseh of Nizami. The timing of history is in the last glorious king of Sassanid; the king who brought catastrophe to the said dynasty and Iran since after him within five year the dynasty collapsed and Iran defeated badly in war imposed by Arabs the most horrible event in history of Iran, region and the world of culture and politics.

The Khamsa by Nizami. Illustration from the Akbarnama. The text deals with ecclesiastical, social, and political issues of the Christian church giving a history of its leaders and notable members. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics.

After their first accidental meeting, when Khosrow was initially unaware of her identity, their courtship takes a number of twists and turns, with the pair often apart, that occupy most of the story.

Khosrow Parviz ‘s first sight of Shirin, bathing in a pool, in a manuscript of Nezami ‘s poem. From the time that I conceived this request and these intentions, until I reached Rhosochosron, not more than ten days elapsed, when thou, O Saint, not on account of my worthiness but thy kindness, appearedst to me in a vision of the night and didst thrice shiirn me that Khosdow should conceive, while, in the same vision, thrice I replied, It is well. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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To some Muslims, Islam was a realization of Alexander’s “koine” a commonwealth where people could live in harmony and in peace of heart and mind. Metropolitan Museum of Art.

View a machine-translated version of the Azerbaijani article. For other uses, see Shirin disambiguation. The tale was used as the inspiration for a Iranian film, Shirinmade by Abbas Kiarostami.

Retrieved from ” https: In other projects Wikimedia Commons. He built himself two churches for Marie Maryam and a large church and a castle in the country of Beth Lashpar for his wife Shirin, the Aramean. This article may be expanded with text translated from the corresponding article in Azerbaijani.


Khusraw Discovers Shirin Bathing

If you’re seeing this message, it means we’re having trouble loading external resources on our website. Meanwhile, a sculptor named Farhad falls in love with Shirin and becomes Khosrow’s love-rival.

Persian-language literature Persian miniatures Nezami. Arts and humanities Art of the Islamic world Late period.

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Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Nizam al-Mulk mentioned that the legend was a popular story xhirin his era. Beginning of Nizami’s Khusraw va Shirin.

In this book, parts of the story which are narrated by these three poets is brought as well the description of those other poets that have narrated whole or parts of the story. It is believed to be one of the best works of Nizami. That very night, Khosrow sees his grandfather Anushirvan in a dream and Anushirvan gives him glad tidings of a wife named Shirina steed named Shabdiza musician named Barbadand a great kingdom, that is Persia.

Here, the paintings would serve to stimulate conversation among educated visitors. Shirin looks at Khusraw’s image. Khosrow Parviz’s first sight of Shirin, bathing in a pool, in a manuscript of Nezami’s poem.

Hearing this false news, Farhad throws himself from the mountaintop and dies. A contrary reading of the painting might interpret the rosy cheeks of Khusraw and his partner as indicating their awareness of the bathing Shirin.

In many aspects he was so overwhelmed by Persian civilization that he became more Persian than the Persians. Write a customer review.