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Magicolor Magia del cambio de color (Spanish Edition) [Juan Tamariz] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Libro de iniciación a la magia. Download Juan Tamariz – Magicolor Search. Home · Juan Tamariz – Magicolor. Juan Tamariz – Magicolor. April 12, | Author: Raul Barroso Sanchez. Results 1 – 30 of Truckycartomagia (Spanish Edition) by Juan Tamariz and a great selection Magicolor Magia del cambio de color (Spanish: Juan Tamariz.

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Oil and water His analysis of Oil and water makes up more than half the book and is invaluable. HE makes the trick. Thus, he fooled the man who fooled Houdini.

I just bought 3 books of Tamariz in French. A household name in his native spain, he is one of the most unique and talented performers ever to grace our art. Students coming on exchange to uppsala university via a departmental exchange are restricted in what they can study. The 5 points of magic: I just started to read it but the first 50 pages are great.

Aug 27, I try to get my hands as much on Tamariz work as on max maven’s. This is an explanation of how to get from juan tamariz mnemonica stack into stay stack, and finally into new deck order.

Aug 21, This is one of the greatest books ever to be in print. The translation is machine-done so it still takes some deciphering, but you should be able to follow the tmaariz points of the article.


Basically its just buckle counting around 8 or so cards as 4 repeatedly. Kyoto japan quezon city, philippines bello, colombia garoua, cameroon kyoto japan. Dec 4, A great article about Juan Tamariz: What I didn’t know until it came up in conversation with Martini, was that extra thin cards were being used.

Sep 15, Actually I believe that the only place where there’s a written description of it as angelilliks pointed out is on page 79 of maicolor little book called “Magicolor. You’ll definately see that he, like others, has different takes and ideas on how to make magic more deceptive.

Sep 12, It really only took me a solid day of studying the stack to learn it. Magia del cambio de color” published way back in and, unfortunately for you, in Spanish. The Hands — again about clarity and communication, illustrated by a poker demonstration.

His effects create a feeling of impossibility for the participants. I found the effect that Magic Makers released and ordered it – it’s called Unknown Cards, and it’s the same as the Tamariz effect with a very minor exception – Tamariz shows magicolorr Joker in the middle of the tamzriz, and ends the routine showing a total of 6 different backs.

It’s a different theorical approach than the other books I read. However it might pass unnoticed due to how it is routined.

Juan tamariz magicolor pdf merge

I hope it is released one tammariz as I would love to perform this only packet trick I like and I cant have it luke. You can use http: This is a story i created to help me memorize the juan tamariz stack. Abiloko New user Barcelona Spain 55 Posts. The device ensures pcl and postscript support with an optional extension tamagiz xps. This book will enable you to improve your routines while playing with the theory of false solutions.


Juan tamariz – magicolor.pdf

Those 8 cards sure look like 4 though when he tamairz it – it’s truly an amazing effect, and I have to know how to do it, haha. I couldn’t imagine anyone else doing the ‘dump’ at the end and getting away with it.

Lessons in magic volume 2 by juan tamariz video download juan tamariz is a oneof akind performer.

They are must to have. Sep 3, I love this routine in fact seeing this routine is what sparked my interest in magic and put me into the position I am in today.

Juan tamariz –

We recommend it to anyone who is serious about performing powerful card magic. All I can tell you is I spent a lot and wouldn’t sell them for what I paid for them. It makes you think, think and think deeply. Cruise Regular user Posts.

Does anyone know if such thin cards are available to buy anywhere?

Biro is right, and if you never see Tamariz in live performance, you don’t know how the people react, and believe me, nobody ask about the cards used.