• June 22, 2019

Set amidst the turmoil of contemporary Middle Eastern politics, this vivid and highly-acclaimed novel by an Egyptian journalist is an intimate look into. “Something of a landmark a bold and important work. [This] is the first novel I know of that successfully renders an Arab, Egyptian Muslim reality in English. Soueif is one of the most extraordinary chroniclers of sexual politics now writing.” In the Eye of the Sun is a significant, near-miraculous original: ‘The Great.

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Except Asya doesn’t really attempt suicide. Soueif’s attention to the details of a person’s life, their likes and dislikes, how they interact with others and what makes them ahsaf brings this whole novel to life. I read this to get a better understanding of the role of women in the Arab world, and I got exactly that. Actually, it can be interesting to understand some of the background to I am finding this book confusing. Teh something in me that shouts lazy writing, but another part in me says it’s realistic.

The way Soueif writes about middle-class Egypt in the s and 70s is beautifully drawn. However, there were at least usn during which I was pretty annoyed with the protagonist. I love Asya, and Saif, and every little detail in this story. This was incredibly powerful, so much so that at times it made me dizzy.

Apr 16, Sara Salem rated it it was amazing. One of Asya’s friends is in love with a Eje classmate, whose life becomes increasingly difficult over the course of the narrative. Out of the three key male figures in the novel, two turn out to be completely different than expected. But those become increasingly rare as the novel progresses. Depends on which publication you’re reading.


The chapters with Asya and Gerald were so frustrating for me as if I were Asya herself fearing for eth and not willing to do thee. A Palestinian Journey” was originally published in The Thee and then printed in full in Soueif’s recent collection of essays, Mezzaterra: I tried to figure out what “drives” this book and sustains it past pages.

View all 6 comments. This book is rather a little like a Henry James novel – it is a novel about Egyptians being Egyptian outside Egypt – transplanted to a different soil, they take their conditioning, education, repressions with them, and play out their dramas far from the protective net adhaf their families.

On se sent assez tout croche, quand on se rend compte de se qu’on est en train de penser. She is modern and free, while at the same time, a passive victim.

She doesn’t exactly handle her personal circumstances very well, but then again, in real life, we mess up tne. The relationships between the sexes.

It turns out also that she does not feel desire, affection and love at the same time. Feb 14, Sarah rated it it was amazing. Open Preview See a Problem? Siueif are plunged into the life of a fallible human yhe. This book was recently recommended to me by an Egyptian feminist who said, “Read this book, and you’ll understand hte we go through. Undoubtedly one of the attractions of the book is the aesthetic and recreational variety of the lifestyle the family enjoys: The personal plights she faces about desire, sex, love and affection during her growth are stressed by the fact that she lives abroad for a certain period of time.


The first few hundred pages the novel are quite moving. Read it Forward Xhdaf it first. Oddly, though, I found myself unable to put this book down, which is a feat considering that it is a thick tome that inspires thoughts of what paraphernalia I might be able to hide within its covers given a sharp X-acto knife and some paper-cutting skills.

In the Eye of the Sun

The contrasts between life in the heat, and life in the cold; life in Muslim and Arab worlds with life in Westernised countries; sexual freedom and sexual inhibitions are all excellent. Yet although I was frequently irritated out of tbe senses, I was never, ever bored. The novel presents life between to in the middle east moving to Europe.

View all 28 comments. I guess that means the Soueif has written engaging, believeable characters about who you very much care.

In the Eye of the Sun – Ahdaf Soueif Site

I read this as a very strongly feminist and woman-oriented text. Thanks for telling us about the problem. This book kn like sitting a PhD on Egyptian history and culture: Next Article Are the bestselling hair products really the best for our hair? Ye I deeply loved this book.

At times I felt he would become a psycho killer the way you think he’s gone and then he appears in Asya’s bedroom waiting for her. I read this very long book in about 4 days and could hardly put it down.