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Louis Breton created a set of 69 illustrations of demons, which were then engraved by M. Jarrault. J.A.S. Collin de Plancy then published the set with brief . Demonographia is a complete collection of the diabolic portraiture designed by Louis Breton for J.A.S. Collin de Plancy’s Dictionnaire Infernal, depicting many of . Nov 4, Corps of Doom: Demonographia ~ Collin de Plancy I.

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Ukobach, demon of an planvy order. Orobas, high prince of the somber empire. Tyler marked it as to-read Jul 18, Theologians should leave to the poets the depiction of Hell, and not themselves seek to frighten minds with hideous paintings and appalling books” p.

Osiris Oliphant rated it really liked it Mar 10, One treats him with little enough respect, regarding him as a buffoon and demonograaphia. He transports very promptly men in different countries who wish to cross the abyss.

One cites another book attributed to the prophets Demonograpnia and Elijah, with which Gaap is conjured by the virtue of the saints’ names of God contained in the Key of Solomon. He is on the Isle of Rugen, in the midst of a somber lake, when its waters are troubled and whose banks are covered by thick woods, It is there that he likes to torment the fishermen and upset their boats and throw them sometimes almost to the tops of the highest fir trees.

When he shows himself in a human form, the sound of his voice is raucous; he builds citadels and impregnable towers, overthrows the enemies’ ramparts, finds good workers, gives familiars, receives sacrifices and deceives the sacrificers; forty legions obey him. Sometimes he resembles a blood hound, or a beef, or a big black bird, or a tree trunk surmounted with a gloomy face. This page was last edited on 23 Septemberat He commands thirty legions. Two hundred legions, half from the order of the Angels, half from the order of the Powers, obey him.


Lucifer commands the Europeans and the Asians. When one wished to sacrifice children to Moloch, one lit a large fire in the interior of this statue. Moloch, prince of the land of tears, member of the infernal council. Leonard is taciturn and melancholic; but at all the assemblies of witches and devils where he is obliged to appear,he shows himself to advantage and makes use of a superb graveness.

Meanwhile, experts who have seen the devil at the sabbath observe that he has no feet at all when he takes the form of a tree trunk and in other extraordinary circumstances. He lies, if he i snot in a triangle; if, on the other hand, he is closely confined, he speaks the truth on supernatural matters.

For a thousand different people they will have the same result; and consulted twenty times about the same subject, they will produce twenty contradictory productions” p. He is envoked first in the litanies of the sabbath. His arms were extended to receive human victims: Ribesal, specter whom the people of Silesia place in residence at the summit of the Risembeg.

The Dictionary of Demons: Anecdotes of the nineteenth century or stories, recent anecdotes, features and little known words, singular adventures, various quotations, compilations and curious pieces, to be used for the history of the customs and the mind of the century in which we live, compared with centuries past.

To ask other readers questions about Demonographiaplease sign up. If they go to the sabbath carried by a goat or a black sheep or by a demon, on their other excursions they generally only travel by riding on a broom-stick.

In Milton, Moloch is a planct and terrible demon covered with mother’s tears and children’s blood. Lucifer, name of the spirit who rules over the East, according to the opinion of the magicians.

Names of Demons from Collin de Plancy’s Dictionnaire Infernal

He has also the management of visions and dreams. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. Dfmonographia demon could be seen during the last days of important people. For example, the book reassures its contemporaries as to the torments of Hell: Infernal Dictionary, or, a Universal Library on the beings, characters, books, deeds, and causes which pertain to the manifestations and magic of trafficking with Hell; divinations, occult sciences, grimoiresmarvels, errors, prejudices, traditions, folktales, the various superstitions, dekonographia generally all manner of marvellous, surprising, mysterious, and supernatural beliefs.


Independetly of this good spirit, who is invisible to everyone except the Anguekkok, there are others who, by the intervention of the Anguekkok, teach what one must do or ought to avoid to be happy. Marchocias, great marquis of hell. His plxncy, when he attends the sabbath, are always those of a goose.

Return to Book Page. He carries off horses.

Demonographia · Collin de Plancy · Könyv · Moly

He was often taken for the king of hell, and, according to several demonomaniacs, he is superior to Satan. Stolas, high prince of hell, who appears in the form of an owl; when he takes the form of a man and shows himself before the exorcist, he teaches astronomy, and also the properties of plants, and the worth of presious stones.

Scox or Chax, duke and high marquis of hell.

Volac, high president of hell; he appears in the form of a child with the wings of an angel, mounted on a two-headed dragon. Malphas, grand-president of hell, who coloin in the form of a raven.

Rahouart, demon who we know not. All the catalogues made herebefore are only the fruit of a more or less disordered imagination.

Many articles written in the Dictionnaire Infernal illustrate the author’s vacillation between rationalismfaithand willingness to believe without evidence. In their minds, it demonographix he who suddenly covers this mountain with clouds and who sxcites tempests. The skepticism of Collin de Plancy increasingly subsided over time. Each illustration is reproduced line for line.