• June 20, 2019

14 jun. OSM. RV Fonte: Pensa. Estácio – Apostila de Organização, Sistemas e Métodos. Mundo das Marcas: football strategy OSM. and have my say about how OSM engine should work in my opinion to make OSM better game . APOSTILA OSM (1). OSM for Data Preparedness in Indonesia State of OSM Indonesia: Disaster Preparedness and Community Growth Yantisa Akhadi â @hotosm. org.

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There are still 3 central midfielders, 4 at the back and one real CF. The accuracy and whether it will get a draw apkstila even win should depend on quality of goalkeeper, defence and attacker if he is able to convert those rare chances to goal. Thus, it should be only deployed if those 3 midfielders are world class.

OSM Interface Development Approach

Of course, everyone else is invited to contribute and help Gamebasics improving its engine to match real football better. It shouldnt also do well against because its 4vs4 and in midfield but also attackers will have tough time to score against 5 defenders.

Please download to get full document. If attackers are good, this formation could dominate formations with smaller or equal number of defenders,,all resulting in high scoring games. I will also suggest what formations and tactics should work against what. Thank you for visiting our website and your interest in apostial free products and services.

It should be really apoxtila against any 3 or men defences if it can afford good attackers. SOS should work with attacking formations which attempt to score and not sit back. So it could work with one or 2 attackers but who have good ratings to deal with more defenders alone or provide midfielders set to support attack. Offensive tactics should be: Otherwise, playing it with weak players against formations with strong midfield, could be disastrous because one man less in midfield can be serious disadvantage.

It has balanced defence, strong midfield and weak attack. When playing against attacking tactics and formations, it should almost always have worse stats.


Three midfielders should help defence and provide those balls to the wings. And its bad choice against or because lone attacker will have tough time to score against that many defenders. No team rally solely on desperately shoot on goal from all positions. It could be deployed with play wide and passing game with attacking mentality but also with counterattacking and defensive mentality a team can defend nicely with 8 men behind the ball and initiate nice counterattacks where 2 attackers up front await the ball.

It could do well against formations with weak midfield such as or but it could have problems against formations with good apostilx and stronger midfield such as a;ostila,and It should almost always generate high scoring games because of many attackers and weak defence. The problem with this formation is when it faces attacking formations with only 3 defenders, such as or where its outnumbered in midfield and would see very little of the ball.

Strong teams only should be successful with SOS tactics because they have attacking potential to create shots on goal and score. It should work only with attacking long ball and thats it.

But it can be bad against formations with good attack such as, etc. Now Apoetila generally comment on all available tactics: Obviously I couldn’t cover all possible combinations but if at least some of my thoughts influence Gamebasics to improve the match engine I would be very alostila. But it has better midfield and could also do well against formations with 4 or 3 midfielders and 2 attackers such as and It should also be deployed with long ball or counter attack and count to get a draw against better opponent and even a win if apostilx are good enough.

It could even work with with best teams with really strong midfield and attack see Barcelona, Real, Dortmund, Bayern in real life. All materials apostial our website are shared by users. Osm Course Quality Rubric. Like I said in other thread, SOS should be solely attacking tactics because attacking teams usually shot more on goal in real life, not defending teams. If you have any questions about copyright issues, please report us to resolve them.

OSM by Ricardo Vieira on Prezi

There are teams which play attacking with long balls to reach high number of attackers such as, or But it could also be deployed with defensive tactics and formations, for teams which play direct football and try to reach final third as quickly as possible. Even defensive teams must play direct football and try to reach reasonable distance to shoot playing on the counter, long ball or even play wide which is again counterattacking. If playing attacking, like in Dutch football, teams utilize on their full backs, wingers and attacker apistila the box who should convert those chances.


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It could work even againstand but the problem is that its seriously outnumbered in midfield. We are nonprofit website to share and download documents. It could work with Currently SOS works the best with defensive formations and when playing defensive you should not have that many shots on goal and better possession because you sit back and invite pressure from the opponent who dictates the tempo.

Like it should almost solely work with long ball tactics both with attacking and defensive mentality. OK folks, here it is In order to be broken, attackers must be quality and clinical in order to score against 6 midfielders. To have a chance to shot you should pass the ball at first place. This way team wont have many chances to shoot from reasonable distance and position, it must quickly counter and build up such position and not just shoots from 50 meters.

It could also dominate any 3-men defence and also concede less goals because of strong defence on its own.

To the running of this website, we need your help to support us. It can be bad choice against other attacking formations such as,etc.