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(). Agricultural intensification in Brazil and its effects on land-use patterns: an World Livestock – Changing disease landscapes. Agrianual PDF | On Dec 1, , Rafael Rocha da Silva and others published Silva et al, producers (AGRIANUAL, ). Throughout this. region. Data for: Consecana () Source: Agrianual () Data for: São Paulo State Source: Nassar and Cantarella (b) Source: EU () Data for ethanol.

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Oxford University Press Conclusions. Land use types converted to oil palm from — Women hold the key to building a world free from hunger and poverty. In addition, compared with the four years before the SPOPP, the proportion of both primary and secondary vegetation directly converted to oil palm after declined.

Investigations were also carried out to assess the effect of silicon on Diatraea saccharalis infestation. Given that a deforestation pattern detected from this study—where deforestation appeared to be an effort to expand adjoining areas to existing planted areas—proximity to forest areas may be expected to increase the likelihood of future forest conversion.

However, due to the low infestation, the effects of silicon on the insect incidence could not be determined.

Agrianual – Informa Economics IEG | FNP – Consultoria e Informações em Agronegócios

In addition, acknowledging this context reinforces the idea that other policies and programs can complement or compromise a zoning program’s objectives. Produtividade e Sustentabilidade www.

Study site The study region spans ca. To explore potential contributing factors, we conducted semi-structured interviews with researchers, company representatives, and government officials involved in the sector to characterize the perceived factors influencing oil palm development and the role of agro-ecological suitability mapping among them. Government representatives registered frustration with insufficient resources to quickly process high volumes of land registration and environmental license applications.

Figure 1 illustrates the full extent of the final area mapped as planted with oil palm bywith its corresponding land use. Whereas interviewees suggested that Brazilian production is not considered cost-competitive in CPO commodity trade, premiums for certified deforestation-free products have helped offset, though not eliminate, cost disadvantages.

Yet, land rent models suggest that the most accessible and comparatively inexpensive areas will be accessed first, holding other factors constant von ThunenAngelsen Proximity of a plantation border to forest areas is of particular relevance given one deforestation pattern we detected during this analysis: This site uses cookies.

Furthermore, previous studies also evaluated Brazil’s trajectory within the context of pan-Latin American or global land use change, referring to a timeline of the immediate prior land use Furumo and Aide or Ayrianual et al While our results also show that realized oil palm development falls significantly below the ZAE’s lower bound estimates for oil palm potential in Brazil, they also raise critical questions.


Phenological models for implementing management practices in rain

Companies lamented costly delays in identifying and developing lands due to competing claims or lack of sufficient documentation. The report highlights 39 countries that are in need of external assistance for food.

Meyfroidt et al reported that previously cleared lands are favored by developers when commodity crops require access to agrkanual. Areas removed from the first verification were predominantly planted with coconut and near other oil palm plantations.

News archive 2016

Ongoing agriaual continue to intensify food insecurity. Here, we provide a qualitative summary of perceptions about the major contributors to the observed gap between modeling estimates and realized development, highlighting distinctive responses generated from representatives across each interviewed sector table 2. Companies and private sector representatives reflected on market dynamics and costs of production—factors that are examined quantitatively in a complementary paper Benami et al in preparation.

Indexmundi Palm oil Monthly Price Agrinaual. The objectives of the SPOPP were both to support palm cultivation as a means agriznual inclusive economic development and to diversify fuel sources used to fulfill expectations on increasing national biodiesel requirements. Nepstad D et al Slowing Amazon deforestation through public policy interventions in beef soy supply chains Science —23 Crossref. Some people from Mosul and across Iraq will be able to earn an income for the first time since the Islamic State of the Levant ISIL took parts of the area inthanks to a new FAO project that is restoring 20144 to agrianula of farmland.

The silicon was applied to the soil around the plants. These points also had insufficient spatial or temporal resolution in the remote sensing imagery, such that we would suggest a verification field visit for definitive confirmation. A portion of these areas may constitute a property’s legal reserve, and therefore possess some legal protection from deforestation. Tremblay M-A The key informant technique: Given historical links between deforestation and oil palm development worldwide, questions remain whether Brazil would be successful in decoupling its oil palm growth from deforestation and thus promote oil palm production without imperiling Brazil’s progress in reducing Amazonian deforestation.

In this study, the agrianuap of a silicon Si application on the biomass, chlorophyll level and silicon level of sugarcane moderate pest resistance RB and susceptible SP cultivars were tested. Even if direct forest conversion rates declined over time, this intermediate conversion reinforces Vijay et al ‘s statement that what qualifies as deforestation-free oil palm may depend on your reference year, and may explain the differences between our results: The oldest of the three, Agropalma est.


Sixty days after the last application, agrianul adult D. These areas were then validated through field and site visits, consultation with regional experts, and comparison with information available in the October rural environmental register Cadastro Ambiental Rural —CAR. FAO Council greenlights structural reforms, fine-tuned strategic framework.

Change 40 73—81 Crossref. Agricultural expansion has been a major source of deforestation agrixnual tropical regions Geist and LambinRudel et alGibbs et alHenders et al Growing numbers of refugees in East Africa, meanwhile, are expected to place even more burden on already strained food and nutrition agriaual. Robust transportation is especially critical for oil palm, as high-quality crude palm oil CPO production depends on road or river networks to reliably deliver fresh fruit bunches from plantation to mill within 24—48 hours.

While the amount of intact forest directly converted for oil palm was nonzero, the amount declined between the two periods. We build on their work by first increasing the area evaluated in Brazil, and then selecting a historical baseline designed to link changes in land use conversion patterns with local policy initiatives aimed to enhance oil palm production that is decoupled from deforestation.

It is of special concern if developing pasture lands into oil palm induced cattle activity to relocate to the forest frontier, and thus resulted in indirect deforestation, as discussed in Barona et alLapola et alRichards et aland Gasparri and le Polain de Waroux Cultivated area for oil palm, in particular, expanded four-fold between the s and the mids, as the crop transformed tropical landscapes, especially in Indonesia and Malaysia Kongsager and ReenbergCarlson et al bGunarso et alHenders et al Global production of all major wood products grew for the sixth consecutive year inwhile trade in wood products decreased slightly, according to new data published by FAO today.

Achieving gender equality and empowering women is not only the right thing to do but is a critical ingredient in the fight against extreme poverty, hunger and malnutrition, experts and policymakers have said during a high level event on rural women held at FAO’s Rome headquarters. Questions focused on the interviewees’ perceptions about the conditions that either facilitated or hindered oil palm development. Addressing this question causally requires observing a valid counterfactual, i.

A language and environment for statistical computing https: Areas identified as secondary vegetation appeared visually distinct from the darker-colored, heterogeneous, and roughly-textured regions typically associated with primary intact forest areas SI section 2.