• June 20, 2019

FGU’s post-apocalyptic RPG Aftermath! is one such game. In my youth, Aftermath!, like most FGU games, was generally held to be an. Aftermath! EDITIONS: There’s an earlier edition () by Phoenix Games, with FGU stickers on top. The cover art is different: The man is drawn slightly. Aftermath! – The sun hangs low on the horizon illuminating the ruins of civilization with a bloody light. Is it the sunset of the e.

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More advanced drugs administered by doctors can revive some fatally wounded characters, if done quickly, when wounds are not overwhelming. Raising the Natural talent has very little effect on the character’s skills and almost zero use in the game.

However, after Gamma World, I too realized that I didn’t want to play goofy. Aftermath required a lot of book keeping is this a critical success?

I think I learned to program from what amounted to a pamphlet.

Vincent Diakuw June 9, at Whereas both Gamma World and The Morrow Project presented coherent I use the term loosely settings to use with your campaign, Aftermath! New optional combat rules give you even more ways to cause havok and do harm. I was one of those that loved it back in my gaming youth.


Sell us your stuff? Players had to carefully consider their actions in the game because their actions would be reflected in their reputations. Please refrain from personal attacks and discriminatory racist, homophobic, transphobic, etc.

There is even an expansion Aftermath!

Aftermath! by FGU, the good, the bad, and the ugly! : rpg

The reviewer compared it favorably to Mad Max but disliked the use of Australia on purely familiarity reasons and suggested moving it to a location more familiar to the players. A number of add-on scenario and campaign books were published. Although originally part of a campaign set in Australia the information and ideas herein can easily be used with any campaign. New players are often surprised by the reputation their characters develop, when the results of their actions in the game start to mold their characters reputation.


We made a number of flow charts that helped keep us on track when doing things that left us confused. In one extreme example, a player whose character was so feared that merchants often would close up shop if they heard he was coming to town, bars would empty when he walked in and Aftermat came from far and wide to avenge the death of a loved one.

The one unrealistic element of Aftermath! When the tedious die rolling is removed through atfermath use of a computer, Aftermath! The key is to fhu forgiving of the complexity and use it only when necessary. A sign of divine favor. This sourcebook allows you to visit their ancient homeland, take part in their deadly intrigues and fight in their brutal wars. I was so shocked to read that, I fumbled my roll on Aftermath’s Stop Running Table and fell right over. It made the game amazing and a lot of fun.


The ever-reincarnating samurai defend their Shogun with swords of light.

It was a bit too much for my group. I own this game, along with the Sydney Australia sourcebook. Large books with very little white space and small print. I ran two lengthy Aftermath! The second negative from the player point of view was the time it took to create a well thought out character. When I purchased Aftermath!

Mutants roam the toxic wastes. That’s fantastic use of a computer, and I’m sure it motivated you to learn programming. Of course, knowing Bushido and Daredevils was a great advantage in this. A player that used lock picking skill often in the game would gain skill points in that skill through using it.

In some cases, laughably so. Bain Sidhe Studio