3GPP TS 24301 PDF

  • June 20, 2019

3GPP TS (click spec number to see fileserver directory for this spec) Work item which gave rise to this spec: (click WI code to see Work Item details in . Encoding Messages Other Than TSMsg_PDU. .. the Methodology section, there are several PDU types defined for GERAN RRC messages (3GPP TS. The 3GPP scenarios for transition, described in [TR], can be Note 1: The UE receives the PDN Address Information Element [TS] at the end of.

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The following are some operational aspects to consider for running a network with IPv6-only bearers:. Other types of configurations are not standardized. The results are summarized as follows:.

A device that may be roaming in a t wherein IPv6 is not supported by the visited network could fall back to using IPv4 PDP contexts, and hence the end user would at least get some connectivity. A third example we observed is that in some operator networks, GUTIs are not changed even after three days of usage L1. This feature is not yet widely supported by current smartphones – however one of our test phone exhibited this tss.

ESM message container

Early 2G systems were known to have several vulnerabilities. Network operators would simply re-allocate GUTIs often enough to avoid tracking. Universal Mobile Telecommunication System. This partitioning allows overlapping IPv4 address ranges to be assigned to UEs that are in different areas. This would prevent rogue network elements from sending false information, e. 2431 can still make emergency calls.

Subscribers will not be able to receive or make normal calls and data connections. Global System for Mobile Communication. Even though we utilized USRP B which costs around one thousand euros, passive attacks can also be realized practically with more cheaply available radio hardware. As a general learning on ys abstract concept level, it would be better to include agility in the security mechanisms instead of a rigid safety margin.


It is part of a GUTI. Under change control Type: As newer devices start using IPv6 connectivity, the demand for actively used IPv4 connections is expected to slowly decrease, helping operators with a transition to IPv6.

3gpp ts 36 v8 3 old dominion university

UE refers to the actual communication device which can be, for example, a smartphone. SQN tw Sequence Number. On one hand, in some 2301 network operators require unprotected reports for troubleshooting purposes.

In 3GPP Release-8 and laterit was defined that a dual-stack UE or when the radio equipment has no knowledge of the UE IP stack’s capabilities must first attempt to establish a dual-stack bearer and then possibly fall back to a single-stack bearer.

Operating dual-stack networks does imply cost and complexity to a certain extent. First, the attacker sends a message to the target recipient.

Since VoLTE has higher priority and strict timing constraints compared to 3gpl data applications, the network pages the complete TA to find the UE quickly.

If the recipient is using a WhatsApp client on an LTE device, this ends up triggering a paging request. Services with IP flows requiring different packet-forwarding treatment would therefore require more than one EPS bearer. Stage 3 SAE impact on existing capabilities.

General Versions Responsibility Related. Thus, with the establishment cause indicating an emergency case, both of the AS layers at the UE side and the network side will prioritize the RRC connection establishment, so that the requested emergency bearer services may be further prioritized.

Remarks 1 Creation date Author Remark. All four manufacturers acknowledged our report. This will also ensure that legacy devices and applications continue to work with no impact. Legacy devices and hosts that have an IPv4-only stack will continue to be provided with IP connectivity to the Internet and services. At the same time, eNodeB 2 is turned ON. The IPv6-only behavior is up to subscription provisioning or PDN-GW configuration, and the fallback scenarios do not necessarily cause additional signaling.

We briefly describe LTE infrastructure as well as security and paging mechanisms to assist readers in understanding the vulnerabilities and attacks we present in this paper.


3GPP TS (1 of 20) – Non-Access-Stratum (NAS) protocol for EPS

LTE-capable M2M devices which are not attended by technicians on a daily basis could be blocked out from network services for a long time. The primary goals of the adversary against LTE subscribers are: A UE may hence be attached to one or more gateways via separate connections, i. The user eventually accesses services in one or more PDNs. This would be a privacy threat and would allow tracking of subscribers. Taking the LTE technology for example, the communication protocol stack may generally comprise a NAS layer and an AS layer, wherein the NAS layer is a functional layer for providing the signaling and traffic between the mobile communication device and the core networkand the AS layer is a functional layer for providing the signaling and traffic between the mobile communication device and the access network In particular, we identify protocol-level and operational fixes that can be implemented by baseband vendors and mobile network operators.

The broadcast information must be sent in unprotected messages from LTE system design perspective. In GSM, paging messages are sent to an entire location area. Non-GBR bearers can suffer packet loss under congestion, while GBR bearers are immune to such losses as long as they honor the contracted bit rates. By the end of the worldwide LTE subscriber base is expected to be around 1. Mobile communication systems are now an essential part of life throughout the world.

In addition, a lot of work has been invested by the industry to investigate different transition and deployment scenarios over the years. The equipment needed for the attacks is inexpensive and readily available.