• August 2, 2019

xsltproc and libxslt are not specifically dependant on DocBook, but since a lot of people use xsltproc and libxml2 for DocBook formatting, here are a few pointers. The docbook-html5 project is a set of XSLT stylesheets for transforming DocBook 5 Examples given here use xsltproc, an open source cross-platform XSLT. Reason: missing introduction (Discuss in Talk:DocBook#) xsltproc /usr/share/ xml/docbook/$(pacman -Q docbook-xsl | cut -d ‘ ‘ -f 2 | cut -d ‘-‘ -f.

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Once you have unpacked them, your environment’s PATH variable must include the locations of the command files like xsltproc. That is because ID lookups are not standardized for internal node-sets, so not all processors can resolve them. Currently Saxon is available in four packages:. You need to download the packages for libxmllibxsltzliband iconv. Docbok run the xsltproc processor, you need the libxml2 and libxslt packages, the ones with the highest version numbers.

If you have Java version 1. So it docbolk perhaps simplest to just copy all the files into a single location already in the PATH.

To use any of the extensions, set the use. This file is not needed for DocBook processing. The Instant Saxon processor is a precompiled version of Saxon 6. As of version 2.

You can select only the packages you need. Multiple chunked HTML files. Introduction How this book is organized Online resources for finding solutions to problems Chapter 2. If a parameter value includes spaces or special characters, put it in quotes.

Saxon is distributed as a zip file, so you need to unzip it into some suitable location. You will need to have root permission to run the install step. You will want to download and install a newer version of Xalan.

The following command will provide that information:. Once you have done that, then you execute the java command as follows. To use xsltproc, you specify the location of the main stylesheet file and your DocBook document, as well as any options and parameters:.


The web page has a link to where you can download just the latest jar file, xercesImpl. Any for which you do not will have all versions included in the output, which is probably not what you want. DocBook Consulting Services available. Use the one closest to your Saxon version number. Put the file in a convenient location.

The options will fail if the xercesImpl. If you are already in a DOS window, you will need to exit and restart it for the new environment variable to take effect.

You need system administration privileges root to install packages. The following is an example of how to use it. Saxon-SA 8 This is the commercial version of Saxon 8. You can find out which Java is docbok your system by executing java -version. Cygwin is a Linux-like environment that runs on Windows.

If you cannot find a precompiled version of xsltproc for your platform, or if you want the very latest version, then you can compile it yourself from source. You set the conditions for selecting marked elements by passing stylesheet parameters to the XSLT processor. You also need ddocbook supply a Java option to force it to use the newer versions. Instead of this standard stylesheet: Switching all cross references to use olink would permit you to use single-pass processing.

DocBook XSL: The Complete Guide

Not used for print output. You can copy the. If you get a Command Not Found error message, then you need to find where xsltproc is installed and add that location to your PATH environment variable. Program listings Formatting listings Tab expansion Fitting text Full-width examples Reducing font size Breaking long lines External code files Missing text Using XInclude for text inclusions Annotating program listings Line annotations Line numbering Callouts Callouts on imported text Callouts on graphics Syntax highlighting Chapter You will not need saxon-fop.


The two packages you must have are libxml2 and libxsltboth available under the Libs category. The bin directory in the directory you unpacked Xalan into will contain the three files you need:. This section describes how to install the free processors.

If your document contains xref or link cross references, then you may need to use the two-pass method. If your Java is not version 1. Glossaries Glossary formatting Glossary formatting in print Linking to a glossary entry What about link and xref? When set to zero, disables all of these extensions. xzltproc

docbook-apps message

Similar stylesheet parameters are available for the other profiling attributes. If you are running a recent vintage of Linux, there is a good chance you will already have xsltproc installed on your system. Once you have installed the packages, you should be able to start a Cygwin shell and execute this command to see the version installed:.

Languages, characters and encoding Document encoding Output encoding Saxon output character representation Special characters Special characters in output Space characters Missing characters Language support Using the lang attribute Using language parameters Language codes Extending the set of languages Text direction Chapter Bypassing the old Xalan installed with Java.

If you get Command not found then you may not have Java installed on the system, or it may not be in your PATH environment variable. Imports a text file into an example and escapes any characters that would otherwise be interpreted as markup.