• August 13, 2019

Restorations of Masonic Geometry and Symbolry Being a Dissertation on the Lost Knowledges of the Lodge by H P H Bromwell. In , Bromwell began work on what was Restorations of Masonic Geometry and. HPH Bromwell. As always, I direct the serious student of Masonry to HPH Bromwell’s book ‘. Restoration of Masonic Geometry and Symbolry’ as the book to read.

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But once you get several of the pieces, many architectural forms make more sense.

The floor area is the surface of globe, and in that area you have the equator, 30 and 23 degrees defined at least. By that, I mean the astronomical details. The scale would run from the size redtoration Our King to the size of the Heavenly King, via seven planetary spheres. D marked it as to-read Dec 06, Looking closely at the Rose Cross Lamen, we note the four symbols for the elements circled in the four cardinal directions.

Felipe marked it as to-read Aug 18, Grand Lodge of A. Restorations of Masonic geometry and symbolry being a dissertation on the lost knowledges of the lodge.

For an explanation see here http: Altars are square, like the breastplate of the priest, and the sanctuary gelmetry Ezekiel’s oblation. If we wanted to, we could depict the area containing all the planets’ paths by a rectangle 60 degrees tall and degrees wide.

In alchemy we have active trinity of Philosopher’s Stone: He embodies the same principle of balance.

Michell never got to the nitty-gritty of the system because he didn’t understand the details of it, which I will present here. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


While geometry and astronomy went hand in hand as far as the ‘measure’ of the orderly universe, they were connected through legends to what we call ‘the soul’s journey’. The Earthly representative so to speak. According to Michell, the Temple was designed to attract or evoke the gods, and bdomwell was framed to include symbolic references to the appropriate deity.

John rated it liked it Jul 18, The word ‘triangle’ is not in the Bible, and circle is mentioned just once. Lion is the proper emblem for universal Soul, the Number of the Beast is actually the number of microcosmic Lion divine Soul – Tiphareth. Some depict the sensation of climbing to the top of maasonic high place.

Henry P. H. Bromwell

In rituals of masonry, three grand masters of Craft in Solomon Temple are symbolized by these three officers. The hexagam itself represents the Sun and the six classical planets. The Craft is older than any other so called religious dogma. This bromwll the third Pillar of Cosmos, always elusive and hidden to us it is manifested in our inner Lodge.


We note that Jupiter king of the planets after having deposed his father Saturn and the Teitans takes 12 years to orbit the sky. Today we call these ‘survey monuments’, and we bury them flush with the ground. After his death, the Grand Lodge of Colorado published his work on the esoteric nature of Sacred geometry in the book Restorations of Masonic Geometry and Symbolry.

You can tell the Jefferson Memorial was designed to be above At the meridian it’s lines are parallel to long and lat lines, and it is oblique again as it sets.


Henry P. H. Bromwell – Wikipedia

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Report of the Denver Bar Association. Jupiter is at sphere four on the TOL, its magic square is four by four. Consider the square of stars in the Pegasus constellation. Bromwell was made a Freemason in Vandalia, Illinois, in Righteous duty implies limited freedom, and work done freely, as in the term Freemason.

Concerning the Divine Order of things, Bromwell states that. The Virgin Mother, stripped of her symbolic veil is like Isis the personification of that primitive substance.

Then when writing came along, the stories continued to get passed along, but the oral interpretations that went along with them were not so wide spread. Restorations of masonic geometry and symbolry, being a dissertation on the lost knowledges of the lodge Here the North is at the top and the ‘E’ indicates both the East and the equator. The equilateral triangle represents the sky God whose representative is the Sun, just stepping in for a bitand the square represents mother Earth, who are separated from one another resotration would like to get back together.

Birl Martin marked it rewtoration to-read Jun 24, Participants in these rituals are not seeking to control natural forces, but to imitate them.