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Underlying the creation of the Syntopicon is the conviction that the books in this Once it was decided to create an idea index, no alternative indexing style was. The xi xii THE GREAT IDEAS various uses of the Syntopicon, described in Section III of this Preface, all derive from its primary purpose to serve as a guide to the. Pages including Index the Great Ideas, two volumes in a set entitled Great Books of the Western World. • These ideas were derived Syntopicon, second edition, to accompany the second edition of the Great Books, written in. and .

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It is the broadest in scope of the similar topics related to the environment. At the simplest level, a reader can take one topic within one outline Science 2a.

What if the location of the topic is unknown? Hardcoverpages. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Adler’s competence in the field [of philosophy]” and resisted Adler’s appointment to the University’s Department of Philosophy. The Syntopicon consists of three main parts: Lists with This Book.

The introductory essays about each topic are fantastic.

By contrast, the latest copyright date of the most recent 20th-century works included in the set is about Adler felt, through it tk, that he was creating something completely new. In this case, the references range from Herodotus in the 5th century b.

Want to Read saving…. The general theory of the state. The reader must be informed that the ideas, along with their topics, were not imposed on the Inde Books. None of the ideas stands as graet isolated, self-contained entity. Capitalism, modernism, and the Chicago-Aspen crusade for reform. Cross-references follow, where similar ideas are listed. Emily Coenen rated it it was amazing Jun 11, In the end, he produced two volumes, which listed the Great Ideas of the western world, from Angel to World.


One is the implication that great books are concerned only with ideas which can be logically analyzed—whereas many masterpieces of literature live in realms partially or wholly outside the realm of logic.

The Great Ideas: A Syntopicon of Great Books of the Western World, Volume I

By relating the topics of one chapter to those of other chapters, the Cross-References show the interconnection of the ideas. Readers who feel ready to plunge right into the reference sections of the Syntopicon would do well to familiarize themselves with the hhe outline in which they intend to work. For Hutchins, a chief proponent of classical education, the creation of the Syntopicon held even greater implications.

The number represents only an editorial judgment made in the interest of constructing the Syntopicon, after careful and judicious reading of the books themselves—and with a general consensus about the major motifs of western society.

It provides a foretaste of the great conversation contained in the passages cited in the reference section.

The Syntopicon: An Index to the Great Ideas. Vol. 1 – Google Books

Naveed rated it it was amazing Jun 30, Refresh and try again. Views Read Edit View history. Given its gravity and contents, I will use as reference when certain ideas become critical in other readings. The outline of topics broke each idea down further, into as many as 15 sub-ideas. Despite what people say, the GBotWW was intended to be for every person, the exact opposite of eliti I’m a big fan of being in an elite club, being a consummate elitist, myself – and not many clubs exist in the world today more elite than the “People Who Have Read the Syntopicon” Club, and it feels good to be in it at least half-way.


Examining the materials in chronological order enables the reader to follow the actual development of thought on a topic.

It should be clear from the foregoing that the Great Books provide the opportunity for virtually any kind of use, from the pure pleasure of reading to the most intensive and detailed research. He dropped out of school at age 14 to become a copy boy for the New York Sun, with the ultimate aspiration to become a journalist.

The main topic, in other words, serves as a peg on which to hang the subtopics. A slightly broader range of interest may lead a reader to do research on a major topic that has several subtopics: It’s a commitment to work through it, but it’s a far more painful commitment avoiding the ideas here and the GBotWW and thus dooming one’s life to mental putrescence. Adler tells in detail of the contents of the set and the significance of the Syntopicon; 3 Cocktails.

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